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PDF files are the "de facto" manner in which people transport large documents from computer to computer. Just about every business in the developed world uses PDF files, if for no other reason than for their simplicity and ease-of-use.

Not only is Adobe Reader (of which the most recent version is 9.3.4) the most popular reading application in the world, but it is also one of the most popular pieces of software — period — in the world. Adobe’s proprietary Portable Document Format (.pdf) has become the most popular portable document file format in the world, and its ubiquity means that most computer users need a suitable PDF reader. Adobe Reader deliver in this regard, as it is a more-than-capable low-end PDR reader.

Adobe Reader contains a very simple set of features. Quite simply, it can print and view files from any system with the software installed. There are multiple printing options, such as the ability to print collated documents or to print multiple pages on one page.

Users can, in the latest version of Adobe Reader, view MP3s, QuickTime, Flash, Real, or Windows Media files embedded within documents. As more and more publications are releasing multimedia-rich documents, this is a much-needed feature that many users will find invaluable.

The features available in Adobe Reader are not mind-blowing by any stretch of the imagination, but the program simply works — and it works well. We highly recommend Adobe Reader as a fundamental component of any user’s software library. It is free, and is the most usable of the .PDF file readers on the Internet.

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Reviewed by Greg Minton
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